Friday’s blunder included, Harrison hampering more than helping this year

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Josh Harrison sprints for third base after a Milwaukee error in the eighth inning. - GETTY

The Pirates have made it a habit to sign contract extensions with players already under their roof. It's not as risky as diving headlong into free agency, but it still carries the same hazards that come with any manner of projecting human performance.

We're not even halfway into the four-year, $27.3 million deal Josh Harrison signed last April, but after an average, injury-shortened offensive season in 2015, his trademark effort and enthusiasm is practically window-dressing this season.

Harrison's biggest trouble has been at the plate. The Pirates' current leadoff hitter has the team's lowest on-base percentage (.302) among regulars and his .376 slugging percentage is the 10th worst among qualifying hitters in Major League Baseball.

But, as the irrepressible Harrison reminded in Friday's 1-0 loss to the Brewers at PNC Park, his nature can get him into trouble on the bases, too:

 photo Harrison_zpskwywmw7x.gif