Hounds’ 4-1 romp in N.C. about ‘identity, pride’ Brandt says


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Lebo Moloto drives through Wilmington's midfield. — HAMMERHEADS

WILMINGTON, N.C. — Twenty days ago, Riverhounds captain Kevin Kerr walked in tandem with his coach, the two trying to figure out what exactly had gone wrong after a two-goal shutout in Bethlehem. Well, something has clicked. That was evident in the Hounds' 4-1 romp over the Wilmington Hammerheads at Legion Stadium Saturday night.

The difference between the two games is obvious on the surface. Back in Bethlehem, the Hounds couldn't find the net even if it had been doubled it size. This time around, they finished goals, scoring two more this game than they had in any other game this season. There weren't downed heads or looks of disgust after this one — there were smiles. But that's what happens when you win, in case you've forgotten.

But it goes deeper than just a win for this group, which hadn't found three points since June 18, when they barely managed to hold off the USL's worst team.

"I'm big on identity and pride. Those are two concepts that have been lacking in this group," Hounds coach Dave Brandt said, adding that his team is still a long ways away in those aspects. "Those are two building blocks, so I talk a lot about that. Part of the identity is the city we represent and the city we play in. I define pride as the extent to which you care about your identity. So, it all starts there."


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